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Found Interior: 1970s hotel murals, France

You have to be very lucky these days to come across a hotel in France which still has its original 1970s murals on the walls. If only they knew how hip they are again now!
The first staggering thing about this hotel – in a tiny village near Epernay - was the size of the dining room – it was hard to imagine them ever finding enough people to fill all the seats.
The place was a bit down at heel and the murals are faded but that just enhanced the rather left-over atmosphere of this gigantic room
I also liked the crazy mixture of ‘objets’ on the cupboards – a stuffed badger, alongside CD players & plastic flowers; empty champagne bottles, an electric fan, a few dog eared postcards and a lone salt & pepper pot.

As far as ‘still-lives’ go, I prefer these unintentional arrangements to self-consciously put together groups of ‘beautiful’ things!

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