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Artist's studio: Susanna Lisle

Susanna and I go back a long way, we are at school and art college together from the age of 5 to 20. Both our fathers were artists, which is why we met, and we lived in the same street in Leeds as children. Susanna is a painter and now lives in a village on the edge of Bath, Somerset. Her studio is a huge first floor room in a very old stone house with staggering views across the hilly landscape (hard not to get distracted!). She has always been an amazing colourist so even her brushes and pallets become delectable works of art in their own right. I've interspersed some of her recent paintings in the post and you can see more and find out about the concepts which lie behind her work on her website Susanna Lisle

I always like to include the 'studio chair'!

The view!

Susanna Lisle website

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