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My studio: October 2010

When you work in a space day after day you stop seeing it, so the other day I picked up the camera and looked at my studio through the lens as if it was someone else's (I've done various posts on artists' studios, see the links at the end ). I poked the lens into corners, held it at different angles and above my head and tried to see my studio and all the random objects it contains as if for the first time.

The 'template' bust I use for my plaster bust sculptures

I collect interestingly shaped vacuum-formed packaging for using up extra mixed plaster - it produces perfect plaster casts. This is my favourite 'Sanding Tool Forest'

A glimpse at the vintage originals which I cast from for my Concrete Figurine Collection

Mould boxes

My favourite pincushion, decades old, now just a circle of exploding stuffed Chinese dolls!

This piece of lace dipped in plaster has been on a high shelf collecting dust for a 2 or 3 years. Something stopped me throwing it away and my eyes would drift towards it now and then. I think it was a subliminal influence in my conception of the Plaster Bust Collection in which the key idea is casting from real life materials.

Master plaster moulds for various motifs I've created.

All these paintings done by my partner Justin Mortimer,I have quite a few -lucky me - some birthday presents and some rescued from the dustbin!

Dolls I cast from when first conceiving my plaster bust collection

No idea where this crazy baby came from. I made 20 plaster casts of it and stuck them on a chocolate cake for Justin's birthday!

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  1. What an interesting post. Your studio is so tidy - I know you are not casting at the moment so that mess is not there. I have a very small space that not only houses supplies but also finished pieces. I get inspiration from the items at hand so there is always a mess on the floor, on my work surface, and if I could put stuff on the ceilings it would be there as well! I am going to clean up a tad today and then quite a bit more next week. After that the cycle starts again!

    That piece of plaster lace makes sense to keep. There are things that are a springboard to something new but what that NEW will be who knows.

    I have never seen one of those cute Chinese pin cushions look SO UGLY! HAHAHA!!!

  2. Loving the weird baby!! makes quite an interesting photo! Exciting works too.


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