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French billboards

Back from my annual summer trip to France - I never know at the start what visual magic is going to catch my eye but always very sure there will be something new or different.
I've always been aware of these poster billboards - most villages have them - advertising local events, but this year they suddenly came into focus and I realized what fantastic pieces of abstract composition they are with the most way-out colour schemes - so I started snapping and soon had a great collection.

They just pile new ones on top of old ones so by default the most current events are always on top - brilliant system.

I really am an abstract girl at heart so I love them as pure compositions of shape, pattern (text) and colour.  The key thing is of course that the compositions are created completely unconsciously and I think that's why they work so well. If you set out to make the perfect composition from coloured posters I reckon it  would never look as good as these accidental pieces of abstract art.

Bus shelters always a good venue!!

In southern France especially,  summer weekends are peppered with 3 day Fetes when the whole village turns into party central (with Boules and Lotto for the old timers.) It's fun checking out the crazy (funnily usually English!) names of the bands!  

Of course my favourite words to spy among the posters are 'Vide Grenier' - translates as 'empty your attic' - in other words flea markets!!! 

I find it impossible to choose the best one! I love them all - love the shapes, love the text LOVE the colours!! L'art abstrait de la rue!

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