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Artist's studio: Justin Mortimer

Justin's studio is in Vyner Street, Bethnal Green, London
Justin is my partner so I know his studio pretty well. You couldn't mistake it for anything other than a painter's studio and the working paraphernalia of brushes, paint tubes, tins and bottles offer a hundred opportunities for enticing photographic still-lives! I think of the artist Morandi and the beautiful paintings he made simply by observing commonplace, everyday objects, by noticing the overlooked. For me, things which are the least intrinsically interesting can offer the best subject matter (for paintings, sculpture and photographs)- it's a case of recognizing and appreciating the innate qualities and characteristics of an object and often the most humble objects can be the most beautiful. For example, the tin cans Justin uses to store turps are perfectly proportioned, simply and purely decorated and have a wonderful pewter-like gleam - I would choose these unpretentious containers over many a vase!

To see Justin's paintings: http://www.justinmortimer.co.uk/


  1. I love his work! And your photos. Especially that last one. Thank you for taking us along on your visits.

  2. Such a talent is Justin. With a wonderful sense of observation. Few painters have taken their work to such a level. Being a massive fan, I love the slipping colour and transparencies in his cube paintings and of course his wonderful portraits :-)

    Toby Wilkinson

  3. Great photos, Kathy! I love your work!


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