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Backstory: concrete + plaster tassels

Tassel motifs in my friezes

In the last few years I’ve been looking a lot at figurative sculpture – from the 19th century backwards – and one aspect which has really fascinated me is the way fabrics and organic materials were interpreted in stone or bronze or plaster. A fluid material such as silk, in reality full of life and movement, becomes solid and impassive when transformed into a dense, hard medium. When the sculptor was really talented the liveliness of the original still lives on though, and sometimes the realism is incredible.

I love tassels – in silk and in stone – and these are images of some I’ve photographed on church tombs. I’ve introduced tassels into my own work but instead of sculpting them have cast directly from them into plaster.

This is a tassel motif I used in a large public sculpture commission
I cast from a real life silk tassel. It's indented to the surface.

Plaster Tassel Friezes
These can be commissioned to any length. T
o see more of my friezes follow the link to my website Architectural Friezes

Public sculpture commission at Cardiff - St Davids Shopping Centre
I incorporated tassels into the friezes. To see more.....

Installation shot at Cardiff

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