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Found interior: Chocolatier & Patissier, France

I found this Chocolatier & Patissier visually entrancing; it's in Revel,(Haute Garonne) France.

Interior spaces which just evolve without a conscious effort to design them from scratch are the most interesting to me.
I love the way they have included various unrelated 'objets' - like ships! in the displays. They have just chosen things they like the look of I suppose.

The use of glass in shelves, bottles and containers along with silver, mirror and beautiful reflected colour make the whole scene magical - even the plastic roses look glamourous.

The chocolates and pastries seem so edible and actually just like pieces of sculpture.

The old-style French writing - all hand done - is the icing on the cake!


  1. I can only say, who ever lives near this Patissier is So LUCKY !!! I love how old fashioned it looks, the wallpaper, the lighting & the floors is just so inviting.:)

  2. Who would have thought of piping the store name on the window with a cake icing tip. It looks like the name that is iced onto an Easter egg. I love the plastic roses as well. There is something about the so called "tacky decor" that can be very intriguing in an interior. I have just discovered your website and blog by way of Chocolate Creative and I am so glad that I did, thank you.


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