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Sculpture: my plaster shed sculptures

Sheds, as well as being architectural, can be seen just as abstract sculptural presences in the landscape with a very strong three-dimensional quality. That’s how I see them. As well as allotment sheds which I’ve photographed in another blog (Architecture: Allotment sheds) I’ve looked a lot at large agricultural sheds and these small cast plaster sculptures are a sort of distillation and amalgamation of the kind of shapes and textures which interest me.
Some of the original structures (at end of blog) are a complex arrangement of different forms juxtaposed at strange angles. I do wonder about the purpose of some of these bizarrely shaped structures – but not for long because I’m far more interested in reading them in sculptural terms.
Strangely, though intentionally rough and imperfect, some of my final cast sculptures have an air of ancient Greek and Roman temples, structures diametrically opposed in every way to the humble farm shed.

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  1. Anonymous27/12/09

    Bravo, brilliant idea and is duly


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