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My studio: making concrete Roman Girl

Mini addition to my concrete figurine collection!

I found the original Roman Girl several years ago and made a cast from her while I was developing ideas for a public sculpture commission - it was before I had conceived the idea of my Concrete Figurine collection but actually in a way she was the first one although I didn't realize it at the time.

I never really viewed Roman Girl as a participant in the collection because when I started consciously looking for vintage figurines to cast from I seemed to steer away from classical-style sculpture. But she caught my eye on a studio shelf the other day and I felt that there is something interesting about the roughness of these casts in concrete which seems to link the sculptures back to antiquity.

They are also very small (12-18cms / 5 - 8") so it's easy to experiment with different concrete mixes and colours.

The silicone rubber moulds.

De-moulding the casts.

I vary the height of the plinths and the colour of the concrete - mixing and matching light and darker heads and plinths.

I purposefully cement the head to the plinth quite roughly and crudely and leave crisp 'flashing' attached plus evidence of seam lines from the moulds

Lining up for the photo shoot!

It's interesting what different personalities they all have despite coming from the same mould.

Although Roman and Greek sculpture was carved laboriously from stone rather than cast in concrete, these casts almost look like they were just unearthed at some archeological dig.

Below - just to show the scale - the heights vary from 12-18cms (5 - 8")

To order Roman Girl, go to the figurine page on my website and follow the link to ORDER

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful photography, Kathy...love how the light hits the pieces and shows off all the rough details. Your blog is looking great. Thanks for the peek. Trish


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