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Friezes and tiles in garden settings

Effusive thanks to My Landscapes - London-based contemporary garden designers - for the loan of images of their stunning gardens which have allowed me to contextualize my friezes and tiles in an exterior setting. The images below are mock-ups but I think they give a good idea of one of the ways these designs can be used.
All designs can be specified in concrete or Jesmonite (plaster-like material) for outdoors and in various colours & sizes

For more images and information visit my website

Tudor Frieze - to see the backstory of this design go to Tudor Frieze post

Using just a few 'tiles' creates a piece of wall sculpture

My Landscapes come up with some brilliant lighting effects which create an amazing atmosphere. As the friezes are relief, the play of light and shadow is important in order to bring out the design and detail.

Grape + Leaf tile This is one of the designs in my Baroque Concrete Tile collection. The design references are 18th century sculpture and particularly the low relief sculpted fruit, swags & garlands which often framed doorways and windows

When I created this range my intention was for them to be placed in an ultra-modern setting as I love the contrast of Modernist simplicity with Baroque ornament.

Swag Drape Frieze
In developing this design I cast directly from swags of silk taffeta and it was the first frieze in which I explored the concept of casting from real-life materials. It was the next stage of development after the Baroque Tiles - those were cast from 'found' ornament, but I moved on to casting from motifs I created myself.

I like the idea of just a minimal intervention on the wall.

Swag & Drop Tile - another of the Baroque Concrete Tile collection. I really like concrete in it's raw colour - just grey Portland cement with sand. It's interesting to apply such an industrial rugged material to a piece of elegant decoration.

Tassel Frieze.
This is cast from real silk tassels

Tassels are a motif I keep returning to and have used in different scales in various projects. I am just developing a brand new design based on tassels - watch this space!

Swirl Tile
- another of the Baroque Collection. This design is made up of left over, random curlicues rescued from some extravagant Baroque creation!

The same design cast in white concrete has a completely different vibe - perhaps more reminiscent of Greek or Roman temple ornament

Ribbon Swag Tile - another from the Baroque collection.

The four designs in the Concrete Baroque Tile collection

Thanks again to My Landscapes - it was fantastic to take a virtual tour around your amazing gardens and view my art work in such stunning contemporary environments.

For more images & information on the friezes & tiles visit my website

And for more great gardens check out the My Landscapes website


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