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My studio: making plaster busts

Having just launched the first sculptures in my Plaster Bust collection, here is a behind-the-scenes look at the making process

The most important aspect of the concept is that the sculptures are cast from real-life objects and materials. When I first started playing with the idea I experimented with dolls - taking moulds from their heads and shoulders and then attaching cloth and hair etc to make mini plaster busts.

This one does look a bit macabre...

The finished doll casts.

For the larger sculptures I used found vintage busts as the starting point, creating my own sculptures around them and casting from real materials and objects

Filling the moulds with plaster

Plaster jackets for the moulds

Mamselle Chateau just out of the mould

The casts don't always work out - so annoying!

This one came out OK

Visit my website for more images of the Plaster Bust collection

Coming soon - a post about the inspiration behind the collection.

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  1. The crudeness of the casting is very intriguing. Once all the various bits are cast the white plaster unites it into one logical piece. I love your work.

  2. this is soo good!

    I love the way they are both absurd and beautiful!


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