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Concrete Ghost - collaboration

I'm delighted to announce the launch of a new collection which is the result of my collaboration with designer and (as I call her) empress blogger Di Overton of Designer's Block and Ghost Furniture - or, as we have named it:

Concrete Ghost: A tale of the unexpected and a collaboration born in the blogosphere which came down to earth in concrete form!

My part of the collaboration is creating concrete tassels of various shapes and sizes, by direct casting from
real vintage originals.

Di's part of the collaboration is to make them beautiful and useful by applying vintage silk passementier or framing them in re-loved flea market frames - or even applying them to choice pieces of furniture from her Concrete Ghost collection.

Each one is unique.

It has been fun creating the collection which developed in ways we hadn't anticipated - and we've lots more ideas up our sleeves!

We had a brainwave on the day we realized they would make brilliant tie-backs - in fact just like the originals which inspired the collection.

Or just crazy table-top sculptures!

I think I got the easy side of the bargain in taking care of the mouldmaking and casting because the skill and patience Di drew on to apply the passementiers would be completely beyond me. No easy job finding ways of fixing fine silk threads and cords to rough, stubborn concrete and making it look as though the whole thing just came to earth like that!

We would love to make the tie-backs to commission colour-wise - just send us a small colour swatch and we'll match it with silks and cords.

Tassels on tassels- what more could a tassel junkie want!!!!

It's been interesting choosing colours which complement the grey concrete - actually not hard as so many colours and tones of colours work well with it.

As with my concrete figurines and plaster busts, you can see how amazingly the mould picks up the detail of the original.

Classic Di Overton quirkiness.

Following a couple of disastrous attmpted partnerships with other designers in the past, I vowed never to work with any one else ever again - but the idea of this collaboration just seemed to grow organically and before we knew it we were conceiving a whole collection together and both have enjoyed the whole journey! It just shows, never say never - and more than that, convinced me once and for all that the blogoshpere rocks - we live 600 miles apart and never in a million years would our paths have crossed other than in cyberspace!

Now, if there's still anyone out there who doesn't know about Ghost Furniture and uber design blog Designer's Block, allow me to introduce you to Di Overton with this selection of some of my favourite peices from her website:

Quirky, crazy, beautiful, inventive, original, unique, striking, unusual, ingenious........ oh go on,
you look it up in the theaurus!!

The Concrete Ghost collection is being hosted on Di's website so follow the link to check out the rest of it.

Next week I'll be doing a post about the making of the collection and inspiration behind it.

Di's already had some great feedback on her blog - thanks to everyone for being so interested in our new venture!

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  1. Kathy, I have been waiting for you to post about the concrete tassels. They are fabulous. I love them as tiebacks and as a sculpture resting on a table. Keep up the great work. I am glad that the work together has been SO successful and rewarding.

  2. Hi Kathy,
    The tassels are so beautiful! Congratulations!!! I wish you a lot of success with them!


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