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Found Interior: Manoir d'Archelles

The final installment of the Manoir D'Archelles story: the interior After the architecture and garden a glimpse into the quaint rooms and stunning architectural spaces of the Manoir and the Gatehouse.

By immense good fortune - for architecture lovers like myself - the charming owners of the Manoir decided to open it as a small hotel a few decades ago and as I said in the first post it is a delightfully unassuming and unpretentious place - which is just the best kind of place in my book!

View to Manoir from blue bedroom in Gatehouse

Well, that's the story of the Manoir d'Archelles. If you missed any of the installments here they are: Architecture: Manoir d'Archelles Garden: Manoir d'Archelles I've been looking forward to posting about it on the blog and thought it would be appropriate to do it while I was actually staying there myself. But anyway, with over 500 photos to go through it's been quite a labour of love sorting and selecting them. And of course I'm bound to come back with more from my visit this year! And as I keep reminding people, you can actually STAY IN THIS PLACE - here's the website: Manoir d'Archelles

See two other posts on the Manoir:
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1 comment:

  1. The blues that are used on the walls and the ceiling beams are very beautiful. I must say though that I am not a fan of carpet in the fireplace! What a wonderful place to stay and relax.


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