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Ms Shakespeare, plaster bust

Making these plaster busts has turned out to be totally addictive and as soon as I finish one I'm thinking about the next and how to make interesting juxtapositions of objects and costumes.
I've called this one Ms Shakespeare because the quintessential English country cottage on her head automatically makes me think of old-time England - and of course we all know the Bard used to hang out with his girlfriend Anne Hathaway in her cottage in Stratford-on-Avon.

Since beginning this collection I've learnt a huge amount about mould-making casting which has been a challenge but it's so satisfying to get on top of new skills and techniques.

Taking a silicone mould from my original sculpture

Looking into the silicone mould where everything is in reverse.

A glimpse of the original cottage I cast from

Pulling off the first half of the mould to reveal the plaster sculpture

Nothing is wasted in the process - the special plaster is very expensive so I mix all the plaster waste into the cast.

Taking the first cast from the mould is a very compulsive moment - did it work? Does the design look good?? etc

The mini-fabric roses I cast from on the headdress came out very well - amazing how even very delicate detail gets picked up.

the roses

Once I've made the sculptures they seem to take on a life of their own and become real characters.

Two more busts nearly completed - these have a more contemporary feel. Watch this space!

To see the making of my other busts just look under the Studio label on the side bar

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