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Setsquares revisited

I've been putting a proposal together for a client for a large wall installation. They were interested in my Setsquares Collection(previously commissioned by Habitat,link below) so I've created another version of it, this time relating directly to the architecture of the building where the frieze would be installed. I've made mini plaster tiles to illustrate the design and then photographed these and made mock-ups in Photoshop to show how the 'tiles' look repeated over a large surface.

The initial drawings, taken from sections of architecture. I chose 6 designs from these sketches to make in 3D

The final plaster versions

To create the interesting surface pattern and texture I cast from industrial rubber sheeting.

To create a digital mock-up I had to keep arranging, re-arranging and photographing the 6 tiles. Above, the plaster versions and the printouts which I used to help decide on an arrangement. The thing about the Setsquares concept is that each tile can be used any way up, giving a lot of variety to the design.

The final mock-up. Oh, the magic of Photoshop!(Did I say that?? It also drives me completely bonkers!)

The architect of this 1960s building really should have commissioned my Setsquares!

You might also like my post about the initial development of the Setsquares Collection, illustrating how the designs connect with Modernist architecture:
Creating a collection for Habitat

Habitat commissioned a film about the development of my collection, watch it HERE

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