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My house featured in 'Romantic Style'

Last year I was asked by stylist Selina Lake if she could feature my house in her book 'Romantic Style' and I thought - why not? Although if I'd realized how much cleaning and tidying was involved I might not have agreed in such a hurry! Anyway, I've scanned some of the pages featuring my house (sorry about grainy pics) and here's a link to the publishers for more info on the book: Rylands Peter & Small
My house has been photographed for magazines in the past and it's always interesting to see what stylists do with all your accessories - these cushions for example were culled from various chairs and sofas in the house and put on my spare room bed. Should I have thought of that??
Actually I was quite surprised that Selina Lake saw my interior style as 'romantic' - not an adjective I would have used myself - but she certainly created plenty of 'romantic' overtones with vases of peoonies and roses in virtually every room!

Everyone loves my cup cupboard! They are all collected in flea markets here and in France and I have WAY TOO MANY! I swear I won't buy another but then get utterly seduced by a set of little black coffee cups filled with jewel colours.
This was my grandmother's sofa - it has a drop arm and I think it's such an elegant shape, so much nicer than those clumpy sofas with big over-stuffed cushions at the back. The painting of a girl in Breton costumer is by my partner Justin Mortimer

My landing table with some of my concrete figurines

Selina found my stash of silk scarves and re-distributed...

No, I don't usually drape my 60s kitchen table with a lace table cloth - but that's 'romantic style' for you.

See what I mean about the peonies??

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Anyway, enough about my house - for some much more interesting interiors check out the posts under the label 'Found Interiors' on the side bar


  1. Great photos!! Will have a proper read later, I'm off to Leeds City Art Gallery today!!


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