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Concetta Gallo guest blogger

I am delighted that my friend, and brilliant designer, Concetta Gallo agreed to do a guest post for me. Concetta designs all kinds of things - fabrics, ceramics, rugs and homeware products; her 'Concetta' range for Habitat is one of the best ever selling ranges. Recently she's been designing fab homeware things for Topshop. All in all she's a very clever girl and I love her work. In a bizarre coincidence - as I didn't know her at the time- we were both interviewed about our work on the same film for Habitat. View it here Concetta showed me some photos on her phone recently which were so up my street I just had to have them on my blog - so over to her for her pictures and commentary:

Italian Jaunt

I have taken these photos over the past few years on Italian holidays at the houses of friends and family. I like the odd 'bricolage' of collected items. Some of the photos show a charming clash of religious artefact's with mundane or everyday items. I am also fond of the objects shown such as the wrought iron mirror, the glass ceiling light and the lovely little landscape painting, these great pieces and have been held for over half a century but have become so familiar to their owners they are ignored

Picture above - love the plastic mirror next to various saints.

Cupboard and draining rack in one.

A crazy shop selling a mad variety of items.


Love the plates, giant key and photo juxtaposed with hand cut out posters of Saints.

A home made shrine to Our Lady.

Beautiful colour photo of a couple.

Bedroom with photos

Love this clown bedspread.

Great light!

Gorgeous painting belonging to my aunt. Only gets seen once a year as it's in a tiny holiday home.

An old building. The walls are a meter thick to keep out the heat.

My auntie's mirror.

I love the way Concetta has chosen and framed her shots and her sense of composition. Funny, quirky and cool all at the same time. She's starting her own blog soon which I can't wait to see - don't worry, I'll post a link to it when it's launched! Meanwhile do check out the Habitat film to find out about her work and inspirations.

1 comment:

  1. God bless Habitat.. Kathy hope you got the movie saved for posterity, we used to go to Habitats first store in Tottenham Court Road, we bought one offs they brought back from Italy, that would have been about 1968


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