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Gold Digger - Plaster Bust

Introducing the latest character in my plaster bust collection - if you are feeling the earth move, Gold Digger must be coming your way!

The busts are made by direct casting from real objects and materials. As far as the headdresses go I never have a pre-conceived plan, I just wait to see which random objects catch my eye. In this case I spied a 1970s metal toy bulldozer in a car boot sale. I loved the angular 70s design.

First layer of silicone when making a mould from my original sculpture.

Peeling back the silicone in the first plaster cast - always a breath-holding moment.

The mould filled with plaster inside it's own plaster jacket

As the collection has developed I've found I'm moving away from historical costume and trying to introduce more contemporary shapes and styles. The pleated top is based on a 1998 design by Junya Watanabe (no, I'd never heard of him either but I love his crazy, sculptural clothes)

Plaster leaks through the mould seams and I snap it off - I purposefully keep these rough elements, reminiscent of industrial casting methods as used in civil engineering

I was pleased the hair came out well in plaster. Hair - or a material which can resemble hair - is almost the biggest challenge in making these sculptures.

I've documented the making of all of my plaster busts - for example:
The rest are listed on the side bar under My Studio

Another bust coming soon!!


  1. I have been so busy this year that I haven't had time to comment, or maybe it was I didn't take time to comment. Things have slowed down slightly so now I am taking the time to post a comment!

    I love "The Gold Digger". It is similar to your previous pieces but the sparseness of the decoration sets it apart.

    Good heavens, I'm sounding like a gallery critic!

    I like the clean lines of this piece. All of your zany head dresses for some reason look totally normal! I love your work.

  2. Like Len, I like the Gold Diggers too.. good old Busby Berkley http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIO9y1xMPIA&noredirect=1 but our grandson Oskar would love that digger, he has the largest collection of Dinky Toys ever!! Actually Kathy you have resolved a dilema from the good old Art School days, I spent ages trying to draw JCB's thinking they were the key to some new modernism with disasterous failure.. if only I had thought to cast the sodding machines!!!!!!!!!!!!


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