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Josephine - plaster bust

I'm not giving out any prizes for guessing how I arrived at this one's name!

Suffice it to say that it was the purchase of a souvenir at the  battlefield of Waterloo in Belgium which provided my inspiration for this bust.

Napoleonic hats are hard to make by the way!  I decided it would be more cool to just have one side. 

 Peeling back the silicone mould from the original sculpture.

I was interested to discover during my research into Napoleonic uniform that it was Napoleon himself who changed the way the tradition hats were worn by turning his sideways - cool dude! Everyone else copied him ofcourse.

 One side of the costume is pure Napoleonic - the other is based on an amazing asymmetrical outfit by Victor + Rolf. I love their sculptural designs.


 Had to throw in a reference to the Tricolour of course!
Shame he lost - but less said about that the better - I don't want to upset my French friends....
Poor Josephine - what a doomed love affair!

1 comment:

  1. HAHA!! I love Victor + Rolf's designs as well. They are sculptors that work with textiles.

    It is interesting to see your work and all of the influences that go into making them. Josephine is great.


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