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Rural French cafe

We came across this cafe somewhere on the back roads between the Haute Garonne and Aveyron last summer. Believe you me (if you're not a French officianado) it's not easy to find old style cafe interiors in France these days - mostly they've all been done out in textured peach paint with 'contemporary' (think early 90s) metal chairs and lots of pictures of the local rugby team.
So this one was a a very pleasant surprise - just traditional chairs, lots of timber and classic coloured Formica tables.

I think Madame la proprietaire was rather bemused when I asked if I could take some snaps, but anyway, we got chatting and I asked her about all the amazing wood panelling. She explained that her father had been a cabinet maker and that he couldn't resist covering nearly every surface with various all kinds of patterns and coloured woods - see the ceiling above and wall below.  I loved it! And the fact that he had clearly  enjoyed having a public space in which to display his cabinet-making talents.

French cafes often have interesting spaces out the back - not really used for much anymore but great places for plants and cats asleep in boxes (though not sadly here!)

Turquoise cups!!! My favourite, you should see how many I've collected from French flea markets over the years.

I know! - But why not have a fake peacock in the window??

I reckon the tables and chairs go back to the 1940s - love the simple shapes, and I bet they'd last for another 60 years (providing they don't get traded in for 1990s chrome-effect replacements).

Quite a little bucolic scene going on in the window.

I love a French bar - always fascinated by the bottles of lurid syrups which turn Pastis or beer emerald green or bright cerise!

It's great to come across interesting random places and even better to have a blog to deposit all the pictures!
Which reminds me - I realized the other day I now have 99 followers!!! Unbelievable I could have collected all these people to follow my visual ramblings. THANKS y'all!!
And I'm dying to see who the hundredth is going to be - feel I should design a certificate or something!



  1. I normally don't like wood interiors, I want to paint them! I feel totally overwhelmed and find them oppressive. This interior is amazing. The fellow had so much fun with the patterns that he created on the wall and ceiling. The formica and paint colours make the room happy.

    1. I know what you mean about wood - can be oppressive - but us practical types can appreciate all the skill and work put into this kind of elaborate decoration - and the passion and enjoyment as you point out Len.

  2. Great photos, love it, where are the customers? impressively tall geraniums too.

    1. Yes, funny - I never have people in my photos! Has been been pointed out to me! There were actually a few local guys chewing the cud at a couple of table outside - but on the whole I do wonder how these places keep going.

  3. Small town France - I always wonder how any of the places keep going, and keep going so well! Well, I sort of know, but I'm sure glad they do. Massive fake peacock - amazing! The funny thing about France is that these little towns are dotted everywhere (though not always with such expansive wooden panelling!). We were down in the Luberon last year, you're making me jealous to go back again soon!


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