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Bricklayer - plaster bust

Unexpected uses of Lego! 

I've had it in mind to use Lego in my plaster busts for some time. As well as being by now almost iconic in shape, I love the sculptural simplicity and three-dimensionality of the blocks. 

First layer of silicone rubber in making the mould

I used string for her hair

The 2 part silicone mould

The cast just taken from the mould. Although I want the mould seam lines to show, there's still usually quite a bit of cleaning up to do with sharp modelling tools

I spent a long time arranging and re-arranging the Lego to create a sense of balance and cantilever.  Looking at these pictures image now I realize the arrangement and overhangs are somewhat reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water House - of course I love Modernist architecture and that house in particular so I suppose it's all in my head.

I scored heavy gauge photo paper for the costume. I've really got in to using paper and card - crumpled, folded, torn etc 

With Madame Maigret - her costume is paper and card too.

Lego - the ultimate building material!!


  1. I love it. This bust is definitely much more modern, 1920's cloche hat meets the surrealist movement. Your work is elegant, full of historical references, and so much fun.

  2. Len's right, full of references, when I saw this earlier I just saw Twiggy in The Boyfriend ( http://www.tcm.com/mediaroom/video/34440/Boy-Friend-The-Original-Trailer-.html ) something about the Lego, drives you mad when the grandchildren leave it all over the carpet, we found some 'pre-lego', strange brown rubber building blocks from the past, your big colourful ones are great, bet you got them in your charity shop!!

    1. yes! I did get them in the 'chazza' - along with a lot of other amazing random stuff every week.
      Thanks Roger and Len for your comments - I hadn't thought of the 1920s angle but see it now!

  3. Don't you have fun! It looks like strange cookery and don't the cast lego parts look like packets of those little yogourts - petit filous?

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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