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Powis Castle sculpture garden

Not a 'sculpture garden' in the usual sense but definitely the most sculptural garden I've ever visited. Medieval Powis Castle  lies near the Welsh / English border and these mind-altering yew hedges were planted in the 1680s.

You really cannot believe your eyes as you wonder amongst these monumental forms. So join me on a visual meander - but better still, if you love sculpture, go there!!!


I'm off on my annual French summer trip this week so hoping to find plenty to snap for my blog. Well, it isn't usually a problem!


  1. Not surprised you need a month in France after seeing this, and your first ever blog without the jaunty commentary - hope you get your writing voice back by September!!

  2. Oh dear, there's no free lunch for us bloggers it seems Roger! Was hoping this time the pics would do the talking and I could get away without the torturous challenge of writing about them too! Point taken, will oil up my brain next time.

  3. What strangely crumpled trees, they look like they're up to something....planning an invasion maybe...


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