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Secret Society - a Ballroom Banquet at Holburne Museum

I'm delighted to announce the installation of my second 
Secret Society Banquet in the 'Ballroom' at the Holburne Museum, Bath, Somerset.   
The banquet is a decadent feast created especially to entertain the members of my Plaster Bust Collection.
They will be enjoying their party until the 23rd April.
On Tuesday 25th February at 7.30pm at the Holburne Museum I will be discussing the installation with the curator Matthew Winterbottom. It's a free event. 

Many thanks to the Holburne Museum for hosting the Secret Society Banquet

And thank you to stylist extraordinaire, Karina Garrick  and my ever hard-working assistant Sophie Strong for helping  with the painstaking 10 hour installation.

Some of these photos were taken by Jo Wright

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