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Novelist - plaster bust

Introducing 'Novelist' which is the third bust I've made incorporating books.  There can't be many objects which are more familiar to everyone than books but I'm guessing for most people it's the ideas inside them which are of most interest.  
Novelist 07

But books also have very strong sculptural and three-dimensional qualities which  I've found interesting to explore.  Open, closed, right way up, wrong way up, stacked or single, they adopt  many different shapes and the paper pages introduce elements of texture and pattern juxtaposed with the solidity of hard covers and spines.

Novelist 08

Novelist 05

Novelist 09

Novelist 06

Novelist 04

Novelist 03

This is Librarian - she'd have made a good debutante with all that book balancing.....
Librarian plaster bust 04

Librarian plaster bust 17

Librarian plaster bust 05

Librarian plaster bust 14

Librarian plaster bust 12

And this is the first one I made - Bookworm

Bookworm 03 (2)

Bookworm 01a

I definitely haven't given up with books - I'm sure I'll get some more ideas.

By the way, I seem to be a bit slow at updating my blog these days as I'm quite addicted to Instagram which is where I'm posting studio updates and various visual stuff which inspires me.
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