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Artists' Studios: Phil Hale's studio

Phil Hale's studio is in Vyner Street, Bethnal Green, London

Phil's website: www.mockingbirdsrelaxeder.com

Phil is a very good friend of my partner Justin Mortimer and his studio is just down the corridor. (see Justin's studio on my blog)

As you can see, Phil's studio is a crazy visual concoction. I find it really fascinating to discover what kind of environments artists create to work in and it's often a surprise when you visit.

Don't ask!

Phil was working on these paintings when I visited and I thought the installation on the sofa looked great - there was something really visually seductive about the black on black.

Every square two feet seems to offer itself up as a perfect still-life composition

Bike parts and half made guitars - part of the Phil vibe!
I could go on......................................
Phil's studio deserves a blog of its own!

Phil's comment when he saw the blog: "You've made my studio look really glamorous!"


  1. I'd love to visit! Inspiration in every corner.

  2. Anonymous2/10/12

    Growing to love Phil Hale's painting style more every minute. Inspiring.


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