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Artist's Studio: Elizabeth Eamer

Liz Eamer’s studio
Liz’s website: ElizabethEamer.com

Liz’s studio is in Vyner Street, Bethnal Green, London. It’s the third studio I’ve featured in this street and in this studio block which is a converted industrial building overlooking the Regent’s canal (see Justin Mortimer & Phil Hale’s studios in the archive). Vyner street is also the ‘art central’ of London’s East End where cool galleries in converted ex-industrial spaces rub shoulders with London black cab repair shops and cockney pubs. (Just some background info for my international readers – apologies to the cognoscenti !)

Liz shares the studio with 3 other artists and even though the space isn’t massive it’s totally her environment with finished work stacked around and a small oasis of working space for current projects.
Even a 5 minute visit to an artist’s studio tells you more about them than an answer to the question “What’s your work about?” can ever do. Which is why I’m so interested in doing these posts about different artists’ working environments.

Liz is a Royal College of Art graduate, she draws and makes prints - mostly.

Corners are great! I liked the rhythmn and curves of the umbrella with the circle of the tube.

I'm wondering why I was drawn to the Tesco bag - maybe it looked a bit like a piece of sculpture and maybe because its crude design and clumsy graphics seemed such an antithesis to the beautiful and expressive drawing of hands ( a Liz thing!)

I wish I'd looked more closely at the postcards - I'll have to go back and ask her how the images fit in with her work.

Take a sit down in your pink chair liz!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Kathy, You'll be please to know I have been sitting down in my pink chair all evening. The photos look great, was lovely to have you there. Can't wait to see who's next in this section.



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