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Alison Dalwood's studio

Alison is my sister - art and design run in the family! She lives in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire in the Cotswolds and her studio is in a small converted barn attached to her cottage.
Check out her work on her website AlisonDalwood.co.uk

Alison has recently gone back to painting after working for the last few years with photographic based imagery and large scale digital print installations. The work she had in the studio when I photographed it recently incorporated both media - painting on top of digital imagery.

Alison is a serious nature and landscape lover - which is why she moved to the country from London. Landscape - but not literally - is often the starting point for her work.

Artists always have some pieces of equipment which go back years! This she said is her 'trusty setsquare' which she's had since college days.

Painters always have these tins in their studio - I think they are beautiful objects with their reflective pewter sheen and straightforward shape.

The studio stool ......and the studio jumper!

The window above is the window below. This is the back of the studio with the cottage attached on the right.

These two pictures show the door into the studio. There's quite a hefty drop as the room is below ground level at the front - hence the crazy kitchen stool / ladder by way of steps.

Alison's cottage next door to the studio. The building is part 18th and part 19th century and used to be 2 cottages. It's built from mellow Cotswold stone. All very idyllic!

Have a look at Alison's website - there are some great images of her work including installation shots, commissions and paintings. AlisonDalwood.co.uk

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