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Interior design projects: my house

Thankyou to MyDeco for featuring my interior design work on their blog! Below are a few more shots of the ongoing project which is our house - ongoing in the sense that I'm always finding things to add or change. And luckily I also work with private clients which helps feed my interior design addiction! To see some of these projects on my website - and more images of my house go to Shift Design on my website.
For help on your interior project, email me at kathy@kathydalwood.com

Our house is a combination of contemporary and vintage. The oval dining table (oval or round the best shapes for convivial dining I think) started life as a shiny, over-lacquered reproduction-style piece, but its character was quite transformed when painted in thin coats of very matt eggshell.

Large mirrors help create space - this was once a picture frame from some municipal gallery. The lampshade is original 60s.

A variety of 'found' objets and one from our chalet collection - more later.

Digital mural in the bathroom - a massive blow up of 'Bowl of Roses' by Fantin-Latour, 19th century French painter

One of my concrete figurines in the fireplace - accompanied by a pair of shoes made by an old lady at an evening class and a bronze cast of a rat by artist Neil Hamon. Some of my favourite possessions are the very unpretentious fire irons - such a simple and beautiful design and an example of how something can turn out if it is designed just for function using basic materials.

One of my quite vast collection of tapestries which I use to cover chairs and cushions. Behind it, part of a painting by my partner artist Justin Mortimer (link to his current exhibition) And see my post on his studio

The wallpaper is a recent addition - I kept showing these fantastic stripes to clients but no one would take the plunge so we found a spare wall ourselves. The dog came all ready and framed in a French flea market this summer.

The metal relief is a sculpture by my late father, sculptor Hubert Dalwood (see my post on recent exhibition of his work at Roche Court, Wiltshire)

Cushions are the easiest way to bring strong colour into a room and plain colours create a foil for pattern and texture.

My garden furniture is all vintage - mostly 1960s.

Toile de Jouy in the bathroom - survived for 3 years then stripped off to make way for the Fantin-Latour mural.

One of my favourite French flea market paintings - we fantasize that it's an undiscovered Matisse

The most important element of our decor is our ever expanding art collection which includes work by established artists and flea market finds - which these above mostly are. We seem to have developed a theme in subject matter of mountains, chalets and cottages.

More from my chalet collection................. trippled since I took this shot!

Vintage bedhead re-upholstered and painted. Mirror from my own collection - see them on my website

I am completely addicted to old cups and saucers. I had this cupboard made specially to hold them but it should have been 3 times the size as however much I lecture myself I just can't resist them when I hit those old flea markets.

The tapestries I collect often seem to have been abandoned by the sewer, left unframed and finally chucked out. They take so long to make and yet people can't work out what to do with them when they're finished. It's great to use something one-off and hand made and I am happy to be the one appreciating these discards.

Some of my planters - see the collection on my website (sadly out of production at the moment)

One of my Urn Sculptures - see the post about the inspiration behind them and my website for the whole collection

Vintage textiles often suggest an unexpected colour scheme which can be a great starting point for a room.

Loos are a great place for collections of family photos and flea market finds.

Hydrangeas are my favourite shrub - their colour is extremely intense and the massive flower heads are so luscious and three-dimensional.

There are details about my interior design service Shift Design on my website.


  1. Hello Kahy,
    I just did a post about your home and work in my blog: http://chocolatecreative.blogspot.com/. I hope it is ok. I am truly inspired by your house and work, and I am very happy to have found you on my old copy of Grand design magazine. So much talent in a woman!! Pls keep me inform of any upcoming exhibitions as I would love to see your work in person.

  2. the decor made the home look a bit old style with a modern, combined the two are amazing, I love has given me many ideas thanks!

  3. The vase caught me head over heels! It's a real gem! But most of all, I love the wood flooring. So simple yet so easy to play designs with. And the plants helped uplift the atmosphere around the house, especially with those hydrangeas around.


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