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Found Interior: Cottage, Oxfordshire

This is my sister's cottage in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. Alison is an artist- I've previously posted her studio. Apart from painting, Alison's main obsession is cottages! She reckons if she ever won the lottery she'd buy a cottage in every county in the British Isles. Anyway, you'll see what I mean, the style is pure 'English cottage' and even the pictures on the walls have mostly one subject matter............

All the fabrics are vintage - from jumble sales, charity shops, village fetes or car boot sales

Likewise with the pictures - many of which are embroideries and tapestries

Actually, come to think of it, everything in the cottage is vintage - furniture, accessories, textiles and pictures. I like the fact that much of it has been effectively 're-cycled' from other cottages in Oxfordshire - they update and Alison down-dates!

The cottage is very higgledy-piggledy with 3 twisting staircases - this is one of them, leading to an attic bedroom.

Studio next door

See the post on Alison Dalwood's studio which is in a small barn attached to the cottage.

Visit Alison's website to see more of her work

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  1. I'm so very sad that the photos didn't turn up in the post. At least not on my Mac. Did you know?


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