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Sculpture: Horses at Wellington Arch

Which of us really takes notice of the most famous monuments in our city? I have driven past this amazing sculpture on the Wellington Arch by London's Hyde Park countless times and always loved its silhouette against the sky but only recently did I bother to go and look at it up close and personal. What a fantastic piece of sculpture it is - so much movement and drama you can almost hear the thunder of the galloping hooves.

The sculpture was designed by Adrian Jones in 1912 and depicts the angel of peace descending on the chariot of war. It's the largest bronze sculpture in Western Europe

Next time you're in London, go and look at this fantastic portrayal of life, movement and pent up energy - you feel in the next second the horses will pull the chariot off the plinth and continue their journey through the air and into the blue nowhere.

Visit the Arch - you can take a lift to the top and stand right nex to the sculpture

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